Montagne Intern Reflection: Abigail Donovan


As my internship experience with Montagne comes to an end, I look back to when I first started at the beginning of the summer. On my first day I was intrigued, excited, and admittedly, a little nervous. I was excited to finally get a sense for working in communications, yet I worried about the differences between classroom assignments and the assignments I would be completing for Montagne. I truly did not know what to expect going into this experience, and I can now say that my internship has been a positive one and has helped to prepare me for the continuation of my college career as well as my entrance into the workforce.

Working at Montagne has showed me the importance of strong writing skills and flexibility in the communications field. At Montagne, interns are tasked with many different assignments and get the opportunity to work with different members of the team. Assignments range from drafting press releases to running errands around Manchester in preparation for an event. I have seen the importance of writing skills in combination with flexibility as I was often tasked with various writing assignments about topics that were new and unfamiliar. Looking back, it was truly beneficial for me to write on a wide range of subjects because I was able to learn the importance of tackling a new task, even if it may have seemed new or daunting at first.

I was asked to draft a press release highlighting a large event taking place in New Hampshire. At first, I was unsure of how well I would be able to craft this release with no prior knowledge of the event itself. Through research, and collaboration with staff members at Montagne and their client, I was able to develop a release that highlighted the event in a way that would be clear and informative to the general public. Writing this press release helped me to see the importance of utilizing the tools available to get the job done as best and accurately as possible.

The Montagne internship program creates an opportunity for students like myself to take what they have learned in the classroom, apply it to their work, and learn new skills specific to the tasks at hand. This experience has been eye-opening to the actual daily tasks of a communications professional and I can now say that I am truly excited to start my career in the field.

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