When you think about private jets, you probably fall into one of two categories: Either you don’t know how expensive it is to own and operate a jet or you do know and don’t understand how anybody, even the rich, could afford to fly privately.
MPAL building to receive million-dollar renovation
The New Hampshire Liquor Commission has bought a record 15 barrels — the equivalent of 3,750 bottles — of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel whiskey to be sold at state liquor stores.
PickUp Patrol, an app for parents and school administrators that manages the after-school student dismissal process, has been named the winner of Live Free and Start's "Ultimate NH Connection" competition.
In one corner, a guy was hunched over his laptop, working on a pitch for a smartphone app that would allow golfers to summon the beverage cart from anywhere on the course. On another side of the office, a tech staffer was working the phone while keeping his eyes on two flat-screen monitors.