A charitable foundation has awarded nearly $1 million in grants to programs that help families in northern New Hampshire.
“I love middle school kids,” she said during an interview at Plymouth State University, where she is working on her doctorate in education. “They’re awkward and moody and have their ups and downs, but they are finding their passions and we focus on ‘what do you love?’”
Sales at the recently opened Tri-City New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet are outpacing the older stores it replaces by 22 percent, in addition to putting it on track to post $10.5 million in sales its in first year, according to the New Hampshire Liquor Commission.
Pete Aresco, one of the owners of Brookside Market and Deli in Exeter, said he woke up to the news Wednesday morning. He said a lot of his regular customers have been coming into the store to congratulate him and co-owner Ben Bright.
New Hampshire is forming a new committee to study recycling streams and solid waste management. The legislature is taking on this issue as some communities have struggled to keep their recycling programs going.