Can Market Basket's Image Be Saved?


If you live in New England, the Market Basket saga has been inescapable. Those outside the region have likely heard about it as well. The feud between cousins, Arthur T. Demoulas and Arthurs S. Demoulas, has even reached the pages of Esquire Magazine, which calls the battle for control of the $4.6 billion supermarket chain, “The last stand for the middle class.”

Market Basket’s 9,000 loyal employees have risen up in support of their former CEO, “Artie T” - with daily protests demanding his reinstatement and steadfast commitment to work for no one else. Meanwhile, store shelves are bare, loyal customers are shopping at other stores, and the Market Basket brand is tattered. 

Throughout all this, Market Basket’s new CEOs have been visibly absent from the public, commenting only through statements and full page ads in the Boston Globe. The lack of an effective communications strategy and poor execution has enabled the employees and Artie T. supporters to define the narrative of this campaign.

Montagne Communications’ President, Scott Tranchemontagne, spoke exclusively to New Hampshire ABC affiliate WMUR-TV 9 last week detailing his take on Market Basket’s communications challenges. View the clip here:

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