Planet Fitness, one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers in the country, wanted to help teens develop life-long exercise habits – especially over the summer when they didn’t have access to their school gyms or sporting events. Planet Fitness turned to Montagne to develop a pilot community-relations program to do just that.  

As school was letting out for the summer in2018, Montagne launched the PF Teen Summer Challenge in the company’s home state of New Hampshire to encourage teens to have an active and healthy summer.

Strategy & Tactics

Montagne and Planet Fitness create the program’s framework, developing materials and strategies to connect with local high schools and other organizations about the program. Montagne also engaged the Governor of New Hampshire and the state’s Department of Health and Human Services to help spread the word about the new PF Teen Summer Challenge.

The Governor joined Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau at a launch event to drive media coverage and social media chatter about the program, and to announce that four program participants would receive $2,500 scholarships at the end of the summer to be used for academic or physical fitness activities.


The program’s launch generated 100 local, regional and national media clips, 450,000 print impressions, 424,000 broadcast impressions and 31 million online impressions.

More than 2,500 teens completed nearly 12,000 workouts through the inaugural PF Teen Summer Challenge, choosing to get off the couch, put down their devices and get active.

The success of the PF Teen Summer Challenge in New Hampshire spurred Planet Fitness to expand nationally, with Montagne playing a key role in developing the national framework.

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