Strategic Communications that Deliver

For ten years, Montagne has transformed media and public perceptions for New England’s most complex and high-profile products, companies and causes. To learn how Montagne can deliver results for you, contact E.J. Powers at epowers [at] montagnecom [dot] com. 


Rebirth of a Legend

Nestled in picturesque Dixville, New Hampshire, the Balsams Grand Resort is an iconic grand hotel which fell to disrepair and closed in fall 2011.   Soon after, two residents from nearby Colebrook bought and rescued the property     from its uncertain future.

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Bringing Home the Bacon

The scent of bacon can be appealing, and the same can be said for the smell of money. When the New Hampshire Lottery wanted to launch the world’s first bacon-scented scratch ticket, they turned to Montagne to create widespread awareness and drive ticket sales. 

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Mobilizing Community Support

As one of the world’s largest developers of premium outlet centers, Simon Premium Outlets turned to Montagne in order to gain support for a zoning change that would allow a 550,000 square foot premium outlet center in Merrimack, NH. 

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Impacting Global Behavior

When most think of Jamaica, it is the relaxing island music and beautiful beaches, not the possibility of financial ruin that comes to mind. When FairPoint Communications discovered that Jamaican telephone scammers were targeting Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont customers, including vulnerable senior citizens, Montagne sprang into action. 

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