New Hampshire Tax Amnesty raises critical revenue

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Pay outstanding taxes with no penalty? Unfortunately, not this year. But in 2015 the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) launched a one-time “Tax Amnesty” program to raise critical revenue for the state and to save individual taxpayers millions. With $16 million in potential revenue at stake, DRA turned to Montagne Communications to support this effort.

Over a two-month period, the Tax Amnesty program offered taxpayers the chance to pay any outstanding taxes without penalty and with just 50-percent accrued interest. Montagne developed a strategic communications plan aimed at maximizing returns—and delivered in a big way for the state.

Along with developing campaign messaging and media materials, Montagne performed widespread media relations outreach and developed a strategy to engage key business and industry associations to generate coverage and awareness for the Tax Amnesty program.

This approach and execution resulted in widespread local, state, regional and national media coverage. Combined with an expertly crafted marketing and advertising campaign with a key partner, the Tax Amnesty program shattered expectations, raising nearly $18 million in revenue, with more than 4,400 taxpayers taking advantage of the program.