New Hampshire is forming a new committee to study recycling streams and solid waste management. The legislature is taking on this issue as some communities have struggled to keep their recycling programs going.
The New Hampshire Department of Transportation is taking the next steps toward building a commuter rail line through New Hampshire’s capitol corridor.
Three New Hampshire public school teachers have received fellowships as part of a program aimed at retaining educators in the northern part of the state.
Fabrizia, a family-owned company, has been making limoncello the old fashioned way since 2008. Its product line has grown to include a canned Italian margarita and, just in time for summer, a new Italian lemonade which is featured in places like Café Vittoria in the North End.
The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation recently announced almost $600,000 in grant awards from its Upper Connecticut River Mitigation and Enhancement Fund. Grants were awarded to 13 projects across the upper Connecticut River watershed. “These projects are improving water quality, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and flood resilience,” said Peter Benson, a Charitable Foundation senior program officer who manages the Mitigation and Enhancement Fund program. “And this round of grants will bring in more than $700,000 in funding for these projects from other sources.”