As the opioid crisis plows through New Hampshire, increasing numbers of women are becoming pregnant while opioid-dependent. Some, like Elizabeth, were on medication-assisted treatment for years before conceiving. Others become pregnant while actively using, which can prompt them to enter recovery.
Plymouth State University has created a new program to help high school students expand their course work. Starting in the Spring 2019 semester, high school juniors and seniors will be able to take Plymouth State classes at half the cost of regular tuition, and earn college credits while doing so.
Up to 50 high school seniors will have the chance to earn a one-semester scholarship to a New Hampshire public university, college or community college in The Governor’s Cup, an off-season robotics competition for the state’s FIRST Robotics Competition teams.
The nation's chief doctor says no state has come farther in fighting the opioid epidemic than New Hampshire.
New Hampshire Tourism officials are projecting some 300,000 visitors to the Granite State over the Columbus Day Weekend.